Champs Sports is a retail shop that sells athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories in different malls in North America which includes the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. What makes Champs Sports stand out from other athletic retail stores that can be found in malls is that they provide sports merchandise from head-to-toe which come from various well-known sports brands, sports teams, and athletes. Champs Sports has a total of 547 stores all throughout North America.



  • Free shipping for regular priced items and orders that amount to more than $75 by using the code given on the website
  • The homepage of the website features the latest in their collection, products for basketball, Jordans, womens, and kids section.
  • The website shows athletic apparel, shoes, and accessories that are on buy one take one
  • Signing up on their mailing list gives you access to special offers, discounts, and exclusive news.
  • You can contact their customer service support by chatting with them on live chat or calling their hotline.
  • Features complete sports gear from head-to-toe
  • You can return items within 45 days upon purchase once you provide a copy of the original invoice, register receipt, or packing slip.
  • The shoes are categorized per type of sport or use.
  • The clothing and accessories are also categorized per type.
  • There are a lot of items that are on sale on the website.



There are mixed reviews when it comes to ordering products from the website of Champs Sports. Some are satisfied especially those who are ordering online because they live outside North America. Many have been complaining about the general customer service of the company and how they handle situations especially by phone call. Most of the problems that occur are during the shipping wherein a lot of products don’t arrive on time or some customers never got what they have ordered and it takes time for the company to do a refund.

The good thing about Champs Sports is the variety of sportswear that it showcases. Most sports retail stores only sell shoes and apparel but as for Champs Sports, they sell the complete sports gear from head to toe. This is what makes them stand out.