The Walking Company, a premium selection of quality, comfortable footwear for all occasions.

With the aim of ensuring everyone can find a durable, yet comfortable, pair of shoes that can be worn in any situation, certainly has it all. Stores in 36 U.S. states coupled with its comprehensive online store makes it an instant go-to choice for many consumers. You'll be able to pick some top brands on the web store including Asics, Birkenstock, and Ecco and they're also associated with Authentic Comfort; a brand that dedicates itself to supplying shoes with maximum comfort. is frequently adding new footwear to its lines with seasonal options, new fashionable styles, and, of course, undeniable comfort. You'll also be able to find exclusives on the web store that you can't find anywhere else, so it can be an excellent opportunity to see some rare bargains. If you're looking for something more than a shoe that guarantees comfort, they've got that on lockdown too; their 'Orthotics' section is teeming with ankle support, insoles, shock-absorption, and custom tailoring.  You might be concerned that these may be a more costly option, but has been known to regularly employ deals, sales, and discounts of up to 81% on certain items, so it can be within your budget.

Have you ever bought something online and later realized it was cheaper somewhere else? This isn’t a problem with, as they promise that if you can find a lower price for one of their products, they'll triple the difference in store credit. That means if you find a comparable price that's $5 cheaper, TheWalkingCompany will give you $15 store credit. The footwear company will deliver to your doorstep for free on any order that exceeds $100 and they even offer free delivery on all orders when you sign up to their Rewards scheme. Overseas customers can have shoes and accessories shipped across, but the individual cost of each country should be considered before purchasing. Further perks of the reward scheme are that you'll have the chance to redeem points on each purchase you make, meaning you'll be able to save a bit of cash in the long run. A fair returns policy is part of TheWalkingCompany's business practice, offering a 30-day returns promise on each item. If you need any additional information or special help, then you can access customer service via phone support as well as email and post. is undoubtedly the number one option when looking for comfort in footwear apparel.